Markus Schaefer

Hamburg, Germany

About me

I´m a marketing professional, specialized in content creation and content-driven marketing for GSA and the European market. Based on 20+ years of experience in entertainment, advertising and media I have acquired a broad knowledge of marketing tools and techniques ("from push to pull"​), and built a broad network of rights owners, artist managements, content producers, labels, ad agencies and brand marketeers. Since 2002 I´ve been a consultant (both independant and asscociated) for strategy and innovation projects as well as merging content, media and brands into successful value chains. Being fascinated by the new opportunities in fulldome media, I co-founded "the content dome GmbH" (production company for immersive A/V-content) in 2013, and HO3RRAUM Media GbR (specialized in 3D-audio content-production and -marketing). Specialized in: * Entertainment Marketing (i.e. content, services, platforms and media) * Content-driven Marketing for Brand Companies, content production * Content production, marketing, licensing, distribution

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the content dome GmbH
Based in
Hamburg, Germany
Fulldome Distributor, Fulldome Producer

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TABALUGA and the Signs of the Times

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