Fulldome CrossBounce Light Simulation

If you are a fulldome show producer who is completing a new production, one of the biggest surprises you will experience is a lighting artifact that happens on fulldome theater screens called crossbounce light pollution. This is caused by the light reflecting off the curved theater screen and washing out the contrast on the opposite side of the screen. This is most visible in scenes with bright elements like overcast skies.

The Maya Domemaster3D release has a new fulldome crossbounce light simulation feature that will help you understand and preview the light pollution and contrast reduction that what will happen to your pristine rendered images during the final projection and theatrical exhibition stage.

The CrossBounce light simulation tool creates a Maya scene that uses Mental Ray Final Gather or IBL Light Emission to compute hemispherical light pollution. This tool is designed to help a fulldome show producer understand and correct their pre-rendered domemaster media so they can compensate for the real-world effects of light scattering across the curved screen in a fulldome theater space.

You can check out the Domemaster3D Wiki page here for details:

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