2011 Home Run Pictures Holiday Greetings

Home Run Pictures created an annual holiday image freely distributed for use by planetariums, science centers and museums.

"Every December, the community in the Shackelton Crater Lunar Colony would place thousands of lights on the biggest tree in the dome, the very first tree planted when the colony was completed many years ago. The younger children, most who had been born on the Moon and had never been to Earth, enjoyed this tradition… sometimes asking if there were even bigger trees that the people back on Earth were decorating for the holidays. There was even talk about the possibility of the colony’s climate control team being able to make it snow in their dome. And turn the colony into one big giant holiday snow globe!" - We Choose Space.

The 3k fulldome image available is available for download:


Image created as part of an educational NASA animation visualizing a future lunar colony on the rim of Shackelton Crater located at the south pole of the Moon.

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