Introducing the NEW Fulldome Database!

Today I am super thrilled to launch the new, more powerful version of the Fulldome Database!

Due to the tremendous growth of FDDB in the last 18 months, I decided to scale up the entire FDDB. We expanded our team from 2 to 4 people and started working on making the Fulldome Database the service I have always envisioned.

With 500+ fulldome shows, 600+ articles and 5K registered users, FDDB has hundreds of visits per day and hundreds of thousands of page views per year. These are amazing numbers and, while apologising for the variety of issues the FDDB users have experienced in the last months, I can’t wait to see where the new version of FDDB will take all this!

Thank you for all your trust and enthusiasm in these years, I feel proud and honoured to serve such a passionate and qualified community!

Take a quick tour of the new, more powerful and enjoy our motto:

Find, be Found and have Fun in Fulldome!

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