IPS Fulldome Festival Brno 2016

IPS Fulldome Festival Brno June 15–17, 2016 | IPS Conference Warsaw June 19–23, 2016

We are happy to invite you to the IPS Fulldome Festival Brno 2016. The festival is jointly organized by Brno Observatory and Planetarium, International Planetarium Society, Inc. and IPS Conference Warsaw 2016. Come to Brno and open a window to the fulldome world!

Brno Observatory and Planetarium

Brno Observatory and Planetarium

No lectures! No workshops! Only fulldome projections, just shows!

We are excited about modern technologies that enable to project amazing things for the audience. We admire the creators of fulldome shows and we want to connect the producers and creators with planetariums and planetarians.

We are looking for producers | visitors | sponsors

Are you a producer? All fulldome shows are great, but some of them are more amazing. We would like to present especially the shows that have been created since the last IPS Conference in Beijing in 2014. You will find more information on www.fulldomefestivalbrno.com.

Do you want to be a sponsor? We would also like to ask you to think about becoming one of the festival sponsors. This is very important for us, too. You will find more information on www.fulldomefestivalbrno.com.

Would you like to visit us? Use pre-register form on ... www.fulldomefestivalbrno.com, of course.

Situated in a lovely hilltop setting, the Brno Observatory and Planetarium not only commands a stunning view of its surroundings, it’s an impressive gem in its own right. The 2015 Central European Film Festival proceeded flawlessly. The Brno team handled every detail of the event with flair and distinction, keeping everything on schedule, and made all attendees feel warmly welcomed and appreciated. I look forward to returning to Brno!

Ryan Wyatt, California Academy of Sciences

Central European Fulldome Festival Brno 2015

Central European Fulldome Festival Brno 2015

The Planetarium

Close to the centre of Brno there is a hill that for seven centuries has been called Kraví hora (Cow Hill). Long time ago there was a vineyard, but they say the local wine was not good at all. And until the mid 20th century you could see cows grazing here.

Then the hill started changing into a nice city park. And on the top of it the Brno Observatory and Planetarium grew up. In 1954 it was just a small observatory, then it got a small planetarium in 1959 and finally a big building was built in 1991. And it has been so till now. If you get lucky with nice weather, you can meet a lot of people during the festival enjoying the Sun in the park around.

The dome

The dome

What technology can you look forward to in here, now? We completed a major reconstruction in 2011 and digitalized our planetarium in 2014. For the fulldome festival we have prepared a hybrid planetarium with a star ball GOTO Chronos II, 2D projection system 4k RSA Cosmos (two JVC projectors) and projection screen Spitz NanoSeam, diameter 16.8 m. The planetarium hall can seat 189 people.

I am particularly impressed by the dynamism of Brno Planetarium and by the quality of its achievements. Brno Planetarium is without hesitation a reference in Europe and worldwide. RSA Cosmos is particularly proud to be it’s partner and for the confidence his Director has given us.

Benjamin Cabut, RSA Cosmos

Getting There & Away

It is not difficult to get to Brno. Our city lies near two big international airports – Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria. It takes 2 hours to get from Prague to Brno by car. And Vienna is even closer. There is also a local airport in the city of Brno itself with flights to London and Moscow. You can also fly to the airport in Bratislava, Slovakia (about 1 hour of driving) and Ostrava, Czech Republic (2 hours of driving).

It’s easy to get from Brno to Warsaw

It is five hundred kilometers from Brno to Warsaw. If you are brave enough, you can walk or go by a bicycle. Of course, there are much more comfortable ways how to get from our festival to the IPS conference. You can make it in 7 hours by car, by train or by plane.

You can find more information about the venue as well as travelling tips at the festival webpage.

I attended the Filmfestival in Brno 2015 and experienced the arguably best organized Fulldome Festival I have ever participated. A professional organization of the dome presentations and a perfect “around the clock” catering made everybody feel good. The award ceremony was a really entertaining event. And Jiri even took care of a nice warm weather : )

Peter Popp, Softmachine.de

The staff of the Brno planetarium is looking forward to seeing you!

The staff of the Brno planetarium is looking forward to seeing you!

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