August 5, 2015

Job Opportunity: Planetarium Coordinator at Hartnell College

The Planetarium at Hartnell College in Salinas, CA, is seeking for a coordinator and a science laboratory technician to fill two open positions. The institution is currently equipped with a 30' dome and Mediaglobe system. However, in a year it will be upgraded up to a 40' dome.

Knowledge & Abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree in astronomy, physics, physical science or related field;
  • Two years’ experience in a planetarium;
  • Experience in planetarium operation and management;
  • Experience with planetarium technical equipment;
  • Knowledge of modern astronomy including constellations, evening sky, physical science, mathematics, etc;
  • Good interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.

Representative Duties

  • Perform specialized activities and coordinate the operations of the planetarium facility and equipment;
  • Schedule and present planetarium programs for the public;
  • Modify and install new programs, research, write, produce and update existing programs as needed;
  • Work with college faculty and staff to enrich college coursework and programming with planetarium resources;
  • Maintain the planetarium facility and equipment;
  • Plan and schedule planetarium – star shows, courses, and special events;
  • Prepare preliminary budget recommendations related to planetarium operations, purchase new equipment, tools and shows according to established procedures;
  • Arrange and update exhibits in the lobby and other exhibit areas as needed.
For more details on the job position please visit the official website of Hartnell College and follow the HR instructions. The filing deadline is August 6, 2015.

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