Job Opportunity: Planetarium Presentation and Operations Manager

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is seeking a Planetarium Presentation and Operations Manager. The purpose of this position is to manage the design, training, and presentation of live shows on topics from astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration.


Presentation Management

  • Design and present live shows on topics from astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration.
  • Train and evaluate planetarium presenters to ensure all material presented is in a manner comprehensible to audiences of a variety of educational backgrounds and ages.
  • Storyboard new shows with the Planetarium Director and develop show scripts.
  • Create presentation material, talking points for planetarium shows, and public engagement activities.
  • Schedule part-time presenters as required for daily planetarium operations.

Visuals & Data

  • Provide valuable input for modification and improvement of created visuals.
  • Regularly modify shows with current information to stay up to date with the newest astronomical discoveries.
  • Troubleshoot software and hardware issues to prevent interruption of the show schedule.
  • Update the planetarium team every week with news from space exploration by maintaining an internal astronomy news blog.


  • Develop and implement hands-on activities for museum guests to promote science education through interaction.
  • Procure material required for activities.
  • Engage planetarium visitors in meaningful conversations on topics pertaining to space exploration.
  • Improve professional relationships both internally and externally by collaborating with other departments at the Center and organizations in the astronomy community.

Customer Experience

  • Through interpersonal skills and effective communication, engage with guests to build customer relationships and aid in giving visitors the best possible planetarium experience.
  • Assist visitors in exploring and understanding exhibits throughout the Rocket Center and planetarium shows scheduled.
  • Maintain a well-rounded wealth of knowledge about astronomy, current and historical space missions, and recent space science discoveries.

Read the full job posting on the official website.

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