Loch Ness Productions offerings at Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival

Attendees at the upcoming Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival in Hilo, Hawaii, will see three offerings from the Loch Ness Productions library of fulldome shows as part of the event’s extensive lineup of presentations. Chaos and Order: A Mathematic Symphony was selected by the judges for inclusion in the main festival schedule. Produced by media artists Rocco Helmchen and Johannes Kraas, with distribution by Loch Ness Productions, it’s a multi-disciplinary tour-de-force combining mathematics, art and music. Also chosen for the festival is Losing the Dark, a short show about light pollution produced by Loch Ness Productions in collaboration with the International Dark-Sky Association. Both shows were award winners at the Fulldome Festival 2013 held earlier this year in Jena, Germany. Imiloa attendees will also have the opportunity to see Into the Deep, produced by Ogrefish FilmProductions of Austria. The festival is featuring the U.S. English version created by Loch Ness Productions for Ogrefish. “We are incredibly pleased to have three shows on display at the Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival,” said Carolyn Collins Petersen, CEO of Loch Ness Productions. “They represent a small percentage of the growing number of diverse topics presented in fulldome theaters." Astronomy continues to play an integral role in many theaters, but other STEM topics are making their way into the fulldome repertoire, according to Mark C. Petersen, President of Loch Ness Productions. He maintains the LNP Fulldome Show Compendium, an extensive online listing of fulldome shows he began compiling in early 2009 and updates regularly. “There are nearly 300 shows on the market now. The Imiloa Fulldome Festival is a wonderful cross-section of what’s in the repertory.” Learn more about the Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival 2013

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