Mobile planetarium delivered to Deutsches Museum

A mobile planetarium for the Deutsches Museum in Munich on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of planetariums. has just delivered this beautiful and elaborately designed planetarium to the Deutsches Museum, a geodesic dome with a negative pressure screen and an outer shell stretched with positive pressure.

ZEISS is currently installing the projection technology, an ASTERION® star projector flanked by two ZEISS-VELVET digital projectors in the center of the dome. These components will create a fine hybrid planetarium that will be the center of a special exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of planetariums at the Deutsches Museum.
ZEISS star projectors of various generations will be on display, including as a special exhibit the ZEISS Model I, the first generation of star projectors.

This first star projector was commissioned in Jena on September 16, 1923. On May 7, 1925, the opening of the world's first projection planetarium was celebrated at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. The first school planetarium, the "Sternenkammer", was opened in a school in Lübeck in 1931. This school planetarium continues to be used for educational purposes with the star projector installed in 1925, which was developed by a Lübeck company.

At the end of 2021, digitization of this planetarium took place, of course preserving the historical star projector while keeping it fully functional. In this project, was significantly involved in the planning, design and installation of the digital projection technology.

Various activities, projects, celebrations, a road show with a mobile planetarium and an accompanying exhibition... are planned for the 100th anniversary of planetariums.

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