August 2, 2018

New Fulldome Show Joins Reef Distribution's Catalogue

Our fantastic new show Our Friends the Animals is an educational adventure that takes our little ones to explore the animals of the farm, the jungle, the forest, the savannah, the desert, Southpole/Northpole and finally the oceans. The children learn playfully about birds, bugs, amphibious, carnivorous, herbivorous and much more!

Support us to reinforce our children’s connection to nature and raise awareness about its magic, the importance of its preservation and value for a sustainable future – We only have one world.

Welcome to granddad Frank’s farm! He knows a lot of things about the animals. Come along! We gonna play riddles with animal sounds and learn many curious facts about them. Let’s travel with granddad Frank on a great adventure! Let’s play with the colors and let’s meet endangered species. Will we ever get to the end of this adventure?

You can learn more about this fulldome production on the show details' page. For licensing information, please contact Anuschka Hahn, Marketing Director at Reef Distribution.

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