Meet SPRUT, the Universal Projection System by Mad Division Software

SPRUT is a hardware-software solution to process and manage protected content as well as a software projection solution to project on any kind of geometric shape, allowing users to deal with projection mapping tasks of any type. When developing the universal projection system SPRUT, we were guided by our customers’ needs: clients want to get high-quality projection systems that correspond to their capabilities, while also being independent from their hardware provider in the future. Distributors and content producers also need to be protected from thefts: SPRUT satisfies all these requirements to the fullest extent. Each new SPRUT system is created for each specific customer to achieve the best price/quality ratio. SPRUT includes the following modules:
  • Root, for the general control and management of the system
  • Splitter, for the production of in-house, protected content
  • Warper, for the adjustments of the projected image geometry
  • Player for content playback
The first entertainment center based on our SPRUT solution will open in Miami in January 2017. Learn more about our systems and solutions at our SPRUT website.

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