Planetarium Software 'SpaceCrafter 2023' Has Been Released

The open-source planetarium software SpaceCrafter 2023 has been released and can be downloaded for free from the official website.

This fulldome sky simulation software is intended to be used by projecting its image on a hemispherical dome. It is therefore the ideal tool for a planetarium by adapting all displays to be seen under a dome and interface to be used in the same way. T

his software contains everything necessary to talk about the evening sky, and astronomical phenomena that take place on Earth or in space and deals with all topics related to astronomy for school or entertainment. The possibilities of scripting extend the power of the software to other subjects too. SpaceCrafter 2023 now fully supports Microsoft Windows.

Check out the demo of the software in the video below... enjoy SpaceCrafter 2023!

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