September 13, 2013

RICOH Theta: Spherical Panoramic Camera

The RICOH THETA is a new spherical panoramic camera with a dual fisheye lens configuration. The camera captures a full scene 360x180 degree image with a USD $399 street price. The THETA camera features 4GB internal storage with a 1200 image storage capacity. They battery life is expected to last for 200 panoramic images per charge with WIFI image transfer enabled. The camera captures a 6.4 mega pixel image and supports a shutter speed range of 1/8000th second to 1/7.5th second.

The RICOH THETA camera takes panoramic images, and supports USB and wireless image transfer.

The THETA supports a manually photo trigger, or a wireless remote control mode using an iOS App. THETA captured images are stored as JPEG files and can be reviewed interactively on iOS, Mac, or Windows using the free panorama viewer, or shared online easily using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. For more details check out the THETA website.

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