May 9, 2024

To the Root Live Show at UNLP

Nación Ekeko, a project that fuses Andean, Latin and African sounds with house, dub and technology, presented its immersive show.

The setting was the Planetarium of La Plata National University in two performances. This innovative show combines art and technology to create a striking encounter that stimulates all the senses.

A unique multisensory experience, in which the live music of Nación Ekeko, personified by Diego Pérez, is enhanced with the visual impact of vibrant immersive projections made by the artist Tatoaraoz in the incredible Planetarium auditorium.

Among the audiovisual pieces that can be enjoyed in the show are "Guarania" and "El Ritmo de la Selva", which were official selection at prestigious international festivals such as Dome Fest WestMacon Film Festival, Jena Fulldome Festival, Dome Under, Fulldome UK, Imersa Montreal

Production: Un Efecto,  Planetario de La Plata

Video: Rod Araoz

Nación Ekeko integrates the roots of Latin American music with electronics and contemporary rhythms. In his Live Set he combines instruments pre-Columbians, voices, and technology in a concert where life is celebrated through
rhythm and collective dance.

Tatoaraoz creates deep and colorful visual landscapes that transform the audience into protagonist, immersing them in this journey of
perfect synchronization with the musical pulse.

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