Travelling with Light, a special offer for special moments.

Little by little, many planetariums are returning to normal, although with certain restrictions that limit both their science communication work and the necessary cash flow for the system to be sustainable.

To help the planetariums in their return to activity we want to offer a double gift.

On the one hand, a new film, Traveling with Light, an all family film by Parque de las Ciencias de Granada. A wonderful journey through the physical properties of light and its importance in our lives.

On the other, a unique opportunity to obtain a 50% discount on the standard rate for the first 10 planetariums that request it.

This exceptional offer is thanks to the generosity of the Granada Science Park. They have also suffered the temporary closure of their facilities and know from their own experience the difficulties planetariums are going through worldwide.

We believe that this opportunity can help many planetariums that are suffering the economic consequences of the lockdown to get new and amazing content for a very low price.

If you want more information about the film or the special offers please visit:

and contact:

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