Video Interview of the "Planetarium Boxer", Ohira Tech's President Ohira Takayuki

Twenty years ago, Ohira Takayuki developed MEGASTAR, an optical system able to project 1.5 million stars which gave a huge impact on the planetarium world. Today his latest start projector can project 42 million stars.

Last year, the International Planetarium Society awarded Takayuki Ohira the IPS Technology and Innovation Award for his contribution to the planetarium industry.

Why is Takayuki Ohira so fascinated by planetariums and starts projectors? Find it out!

The documentary program My Method aims to make people reflect on the convictions of those who keep challenging. Find out more and visit their post The Belief and Values of a Planetarium Creator".

2018 IPS Technology and Innovation Award.

2018 IPS Technology and Innovation Award. Photo Credit: MEGASTAR, Japan.

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