[VIDEO] Introducing Fulldome Project CETACEA

In this talk, experienced underwater cinematographer Lawrance Curtis presents CETACEA, his personal project of making a fulldome show on whales and dolphins in a very unique and creative way.

This talk was recorded on May 24th 2014, at the 8th Fulldome Festival in Jena.

"It was back in 2003, where out of my frustration over the reality that broadcasters simply didn't care about conservation in their production, that I embarked on a crazy dream. A dream to present our connection with whales and dolphins in a very unique and creative way.

A way that no one was pursuing, nor really understood. To create a new concept in showing how dolphins and whales live in an acoustic, aquatic world. Years passed, but during that time, I began a process to create something that I hoped would make a difference in how we understand cetaceans as well as ourselves. So I wrote, researched, laughed, cried, waited for technology to come up to this vision, saved up to purchase the best camera system and moved toward seeing this concept to fruition. Born out of this is CETACEA."

– Lawrance Curtis

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