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Astronomy Club of Kosova / Prishtina Observatory & Planetarium

Pristina, Albania
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Astronomy Club of Kosovo sparks interest with stargazing and workshops. Prishtina Observatory & Planetarium offers educational programs and celestial views.


Founded in 2014, the Astronomy Club of Kosovo promotes interest in astronomy through educational activities, stargazing events, and workshops. It collaborates with international organizations to connect the community with the global astronomical community.

Managed by the club, the Prishtina Observatory & Planetarium is a center for astronomical observation and education. It offers regular stargazing sessions and educational programs, inspiring a love for science and enhancing STEM education in Kosovo.

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Astronomy Club of Kosova / Prishtina Observatory & Planetarium

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Address: Youth & Sports Center
Postal code: 10000
City: Pristina
Country: Albania
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 42.66291380
Longitude: 21.16550280
Phone: +38344702270