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Fundación Museo de Ciencias - Py

Asunción, Paraguay
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The Fundación Museo de Ciencias is a non-profit organization that is behind the construction of Paraguay's first interactive science museum.


The Fundación Museo de Ciencias Through MuCi, its mission is to disseminate scientific knowledge and educate the community on topics related to astronomy, space, and science in general.

To inspire people and awaken their wonder for the sciences and motivate individuals to explore them further.

To be an inclusive and accessible space for the entire community, providing equal opportunities for learning and enjoyment, regardless of age, ethnic background, abilities, or physical limitations.

It plays an active role in scientific research, collaborating with astronomers, scientists, universities, and the community of friends that forms around the planetarium.

To promote collaboration among institutions and advocate for science as a global activity.

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Fundación Museo de Ciencias - Py

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Address: Avenida General Santos N° 1030 (Complejo Textilia)
Postal code: 00000
City: Asunción
Country: Paraguay
Continent: South America
Latitude: -25.28130780
Longitude: -57.60873710
Phone: +595981773417