18th Jena FullDome Festival

Each year is special, but 2024 will be super special for Jena FullDome Festival friends!

The regular, 18th FullDome Festival is happening May 23-26 2024 at the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena. It will feature all the highlights that old and new visitors have come to expect: Fulldome films and premiere shows in various categories, Frameless Forum talks and panels, immersive live performances in the night, professional meetings with colleagues and artists and unexpected friendly surprises in-between.

If you realize you haven’t registered your work to be part of the program, go to: SUBMIT

Tickets for the May 23-26, 2024, FullDome Festival are only available in our online ticket shop, which will open soon here.

All films accepted for the regular Jena FullDome Festival in May are automatically eligible to be included in the special IPS-FullDome Festival, July 18.-20. This implies that whoever wants their show to be part of the IPS Event in July, will have to go through the the regular FullDome Festival submission process.

Winners of the 2024 JANUS-Awards will be announced on July 19 and streamed worldwide live from the Jena Planetarium.

The FullDome Festival honors outstanding achievements with the JANUS award. The double-faced Roman god Janus was chosen as our patron saint because he sees front and rear, past and future simultaneously. No one is better equipped to bless the immersive media artists reaching for the stars!

We do not exaggerate when we claim that the JANUS is for Fulldome producers what the OSCAR is for movie folks.

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