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GSI Musique Inc.

Montréal, Canada
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Creators and producers of musical and immersive experiences.


Founded in 1983 by Robert Vinet and acquired in 2010 by Nicolas Lemieux, GSI Musique is the oldest of Quebec record companies. The company has released nearly 300 music records and DVDs as well as produced several TV specials and show tours. In addition, GSI Musique manages artistic careers and publishes a vast musical catalogue which includes an impressive number of classics of local songs.

While pursuing GSI Musique’s mission, which consists of investing in the creation and promotion of original, innovative and quality French-speaking songs, Nicolas Lemieux has undertaken to considerably intensify the digital shift undertaken by the record company, and innovate in its approaches to marketing music and design event shows and multiplatform projects.

GSI also imagined the multiplatform project Bébé symphonique, which aims to draw on the richness of orchestral music to promote attachment between the child and his parents. It includes an original symphonic work, a beautiful book, a magazine, a photo exhibition, a series of symphony concerts, a TV documentary and a 360 immersive dome show.

Pursuing GSI CEO Nicolas Lemieux’s vision of always providing state-of-the-art, beautiful experiences for all
audiences, GSI launched its first immersive, mobile and uniquely Quebec-made DOME in summer 2024. This immersive 360° creation was designed and realized thanks to expertise from Quebec. It features a smooth projection surface, in addition to being fully removable, which makes it unique in comparison to the fixed domes currently on the market.

Building on its success, GSI Musique intends to continue to participate in the enrichment of Quebec’s cultural heritage by supporting projects that stand out for their artistic quality.

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Address: 990 Atateken
Postal code: H2L 3K5
City: Montréal
Country: Canada
Continent: North America
Latitude: 45.51537330
Longitude: -73.55305990