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IVAR Studios

Stockholm, Sweden
Fulldome Producer

IVAR Studios is a Nordics based immersive production company based out of Stockholm creating immersive storytelling productions since 2016. Fulldome & VR.


Immersive Virtual Augmented Reality – IVAR.
We believe in the power of immersive storytelling. We want you to experience the story as if you were there.

IVAR is a pioneer production agency for interactive 360-degree content and immersive Virtual Reality experiences, working for clients worldwide.

Our power springs from our background in documentary storytelling, with experience of telling the small story within the large perspective. We continually create immersive narratives that hands over control to the user and results in better engagement. Our stories resonate and inspire, as they conjure the gut feeling of actually being there – as a protagonist in the middle of the story.

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IVAR Studios

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Contact details

Address: C/O Metropole Sthlm, Brännkyrkagatan 103B
Postal code: 11726
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 59.31759400
Longitude: 18.04775700