Dome Tools for Unity in the Dome

Dome Tools for Unity in the Dome
Seamus Foley
Published on Nov. 08th 2016

Dome Tools for Unity in the Dome

CATEGORY: Technologies

Make domemasters from your Unity builds for free with Dome Tools for At-Bristol Planetarium and Zubr VR.

Using the Unity Game Engine on our dome is a request we often get. A lot of Artists and developers are thinking in 360, designing for VR, and for some of these projects it is a natural progression to the Dome. To convert to Unity builds to Domemaster, however, is not always straightforward and can bring in issues with aliasing and performance.

After a year of development, we are pleased to release Dome Tools for Unity to the fulldome community. It is a user-friendly, correctly documented plugin which allows user to easily convert their unity cameras to fulldome. It provides built-in controls for common adjustments – such as field of view, tilt and dimming, as well as features for balancing performance and visual quality, including v-sync toggle, resolution and anti-aliasing.

Full Dome Tools for Unity

Best of all its completely free and open source for all users – with no licensing restrictions.

You can get it on the Unity Asset Store. There’s not obligation to credit us, but we would appreciate any feedback.


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