Journey to a Billion Suns

Journey to a Billion Suns

Journey to a Billion Suns

Genre: Documentary
Reviews: 1
Produced by: stargarten
Directed by:
Adam Majorosi
Release date: January 2014
Type: Feature show
Plot keywords: astronomy galaxies history of astronomy milky way science space-based telescopes stars

The age-old history of measuring the stars and a stunning journey through our Milky Way emerge in a modern astronomy show about stars, space science and the distances in the Universe.
Thrilling story, amazing 3D graphics, great music and full omnidirectional experience: This brand new 4K show has been produced with ESA and 30 planetariums and premiered early 2014.
Comes in 45 and 30 minutes, 10+ languages, Fulldome and classic, and with educational material for an attractive licensing fee.


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Full Feature Films 3rd Prize
Audience Choice 1st Prize


Full Show

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Details and Specs

Long version runtime: 45 min
Short version runtime: 30 min
Suitable for: general audience
Target audience: 14 - 18, adults
Resource & materials: guide for educators, poster, source files
License: pay per view, traditional license
Official site:
Video format: fulldome
Resolution: 1K, 2K, 4K
Frame rate: 30 fps
Audio format: 5.1, stereo
Stereo 3D: none
Production technologies: CG
Available languages: Catalan, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Others, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Telugu
Show orientation: panoramic

Production and Support

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Joachim Perschbacher Joachim Perschbacher


Adam Majorosi Adam Majorosi


Adam Majorosi Adam Majorosi


Joachim Perschbacher Joachim Perschbacher

Screened in 3 dome theatres

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