"Sphere" Music Show: New 4k Fulldome Teaser

Not sure if your audience is keen on experiencing a music show in your dome?

Try the new 4k fulldome teaser for Sphere, one of the most successful and stunning immersive music shows in the market!
Send an eMail to info(at)thecontentdome.de to receive your download link.

Robot Koch has become well known for his cinematic compositions, which transcend music into real living experiences.

For his album Sphere he took the exploration of space to new grounds that reached far beyond sound. Conceived as the soundtrack to an audiovisual live show with surround sound and 360 visuals, the project was not only a musical exploration of space, but also an observable voyage through outer and inner space.

Made especially to be exhibited in planetariums and full-dome venues, Sphere sold out in venues from Berlin to San Francisco, Chicago to Moscow.

The project which Robot Koch created in collaboration with visual artist Mickael Le Goff has been officially selected at prestigious art festivals like Sonar Barcelona, Mutek Montreal, Porto/Post/Doc, and at fulldome festivals like FDUK, Brno, Dome Under.

SPHERE won “Best Immersive Experience” at Macon Film Festival, "Best Dome Visuals" at the DTLA Film Festival as well as "Best Art Fulldome Film" at the Minsk Int. Fulldome Festival.

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