Yuri Kostenko

Kiev, Ukraine

Co-founder and CEO of Front Pictures, a creative studio focused on delivering bright shows, immersive experiences, and state-of-the-art visual technologies

About me

I have acquired considerable expertise in digital media from my seven-year career as a production director and, later, as a studio director at the Ukrainian office of global communications agency Leo Burnett. Since 2003, I have been managing partner and CEO at Front Pictures creative studio. Front Pictures pioneered and continues to experiment with emerging immersive formats and innovative media technologies including media galleries, architectural mapping, multimedia water shows, interactive holographic dance performances, and dome projection. Front Pictures is a developer of the Screenberry media server, a powerful and intuitive media platform for real-time multi-screen playback in extremely high resolutions. It is a great tool for 3D mapping, dome projection, stage screens, and multimedia installations.

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Front Pictures
Based in
Kyiv, Ukraine
Fulldome Distributor, Fulldome Vendor

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