Image of Astronomical Observation Center

Astronomical Observation Center

Kanazawa, Japan

Astronomical Observation Center is a Hybrid planetarium with a 10.0m dome and 80 seats.

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Theatre details

Technical information
Planetarium type
Planetarium family: OHIRA_Tech, Astro_Arts
Technology: Hybrid
Digital model: OHIRA_Tech
Dome & Seating
Dome size (m): 10.0
Dome tilt (°): 0
Number of seats: 80
Projection system
Closest dome resolution: -
Stereo 3D: Not available

People working at

Astronomical Observation Center

Screened shows

img poster fulldome show THE SPACE COLONY - A New Earth for Humanity
THE SPACE COLONY – A New Earth for Humanity

Contact details

Address: 13-1 Taira Honmachi
Postal code: Kanazawa, 920-1141, Ishikawa
City: Kanazawa
Country: Japan
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 36.51764000
Longitude: 136.74307000