Job Opportunity: Planetarium Educator @ Stellarium Erkrath

The Sternwarte Neanderhöhe Hochdahl e.V. (snh), a leading institution for youth and adult education based in Erkrath near Düsseldorf, operates the Planetarium "Stellarium Erkrath" and is looking for a full-time Planetarium educator to strengthen its team.

We are seeking a candidate for this position who possesses excellent communication and organizational skills, along with a university degree in natural sciences, preferably in Physics or Astronomy. Alternatively, candidates with relevant experience in multimedia production and an astronomy background are also encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate should also have outstanding teaching and pedagogical capabilities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Organize live and in-depth events in the dome, focusing on engaging children and young audiences using modern planetarium technology.* Create educational materials and develop new formats to enhance learning experiences.
  • Supervise and mentor groups with a keen interest in astronomy, including children and young adults.
  • Provide educational support to teachers and coordinate with educators for tailored programs.
  • Manage the planning and execution of observational evenings for diverse age groups.

Given the job's requirements and the location of the Planetarium, the applicant must be fluent in German.

Please view the full job advertisement and submit your application using the information provided there (available in German).

We look forward to your application!

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