SAT Fest 2013

Fulldome Festival


Launched in March 2012, the SAT Fest is a festival of short 360° films to promote the creation of artistic content in the field of audiovisual immersion. Providing an important venue for local creations produced by artists from the SAT training programs, the 2013 edition will also be open to international creations. The selection of films for 2013 will last for a total of 45 to 75 minutes and will be unveiled this August at the Satosphere. Each team whose work will be selected will be offered a 1.000 $ CAD grant, furthermore an “Audience Award” will be chosen by the public during the first week of projections as the SAT Fest 2013 will be presented for 4 weeks! Submit your immersive artworks for the new edition of SAT Fest! Deadline: Wednesday May 15th, 5 pm (UTC−05:00). Ideal length for films: 4 to 6 min.

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