8K Fulldome Timelapse

This footage is a proof of concept and next sample from the new, custom-built camera system developed by LookyCreative for shooting ultra-high resolution motion-controlled timelapse suited for fulldome projections.

Below is a downscaled preview. The original footage resolution is 7500 x 7500 px and is also available as a 8K (8192x8192) Dome Master.

The team is able to capture equidistance mapping hemispherical timelapse shots of ultra high quality and extreme resolutions ranging from 4K (4096x4096) to almost 8K (7500x7500) suited for most demanding fulldome projects.

The sequences were captured during our third rig testing session in March, 2012. The weather was not particularly suitable for shooting mind blowing footage and time was short, but the results definitely show the quality of 8K and serve the purpose of showcasing the technology capabilities.

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