May 13, 2014

1st Montsec Workshop for Planetarium Operators and Live-show Designers

The 1st Montsec Workshop for Planetarium Operations and Live-show Designers is an event organized by Parc Astronomic Montsec. The workshop will take place from 9th to 13th of June 2014 in Spain and is oriented to planetarium people related to creation and development of live shows in the dome.
The main topics which the event will focus on are the following:
  • Selecting a Hot Topic and preparing a good story
  • Using default scripts from the system to do your own shows
  • Preparing Scripts to manage your live shows
  • 'On fly' live shows experiences
  • Use of portable device to manage live planetarium shows
  • Presenting skills in the planetarium
  • Popular image formats and tools to work with
Montsec is one of the darkest regions in southern Europe and it has been certified as a Starlight Reserve. In the middle of this mountain range there is Parc Astronomic Montsec (www.parcastronomic.cat) with its outreach center called Centre d’Observació de l’Universe (Universe Observing Center) equipped with The Eye of Montsec planetarium. Find out more at the official website.

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