June 26, 2013

2013 Fulldome Festival Diary: Integral Consciousness Theory & Fulldome Projection [VIDEO]

Recorded at the 7th Fulldome Festival in Jena, Andreas Mascha describes the notion of space and time in Jean Gebser's integral consciousness theory with respect to fulldome projection. The Swiss-German cultural philosopher Jean Gebser (1905 – 1973) has created an integral consciousness theory that is quite helpful for the understanding of space and time. Since the sphere is the “signature” (Gebser) of four-dimensionality, there are some interesting analogies between the spheric space-time universe and the dome projection-space. With an excursion to Gene Youngblood’s “Expanded cinema”, Andreas shares new perspectives on the Fulldome Film-Theatre situation.

Andreas Mascha is a management consultant, author and publisher. His interests spread to consciousness research, dance and intermediality, sometimes also on stage with a performance group.

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