March 11, 2013

8 Scoops of Milky Way gets updated

8 Scoops of Milky Way - produced by Aayushi Animation Studios - is now available for 60 fps playback. The whole show has been re-rendered at 60 fps for smoother animation. Most of the scenes have been replaced or improved with new ones, and new high resolution textures were used in the animations to create crispier visual results. Both the trailer and the full length previews have been replaced by new ones. Among the new features:
  • Improved Milky way
  • New dynamic Sun
  • Improved Planets with 16K textures
  • New Landforms of Mercury, Mars and Earth
  • New Saturn Eclipse
  • Improved Asteroid Belt
  • Improved Jupiter Aura
  • lots of other improvements in lighting, animation and tone of the show

Check out the updated version of the show: 8 Scoops of Milky Way by Aayushi Animation Studios

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