Blendy Dome VJ: Fulldome Mapping Tool

Blendy Dome VJ is an intuitive fulldome mapping tool that features a realtime dome slicer and 3D content viewer designed for fulldome VJ‘s. This next generation software can easily map dome surfaces using 3-6 projector outputs and 1 to 2 Matrox Triplehead adaptors to distort and project on curved surfaces. Fulldomers can map any dome surface on site or simulate the dome before a gig with virtual projectors using the simulated dome diameter, horizon, and tilt. Simply plug in your laptop to the projectors and start mapping your dome. The developers states that fulldome mapping and real time domemaster slicing has never been so easy. Users simply choose your dome-blueprint, map it, blend the projector outputs, load their content and be ready to play. You can also load domemaster files into any Syphon player and Blendy Dome VJ will slice, map, and blend that content perfectly using its vertical and circular soft edge blends with the “Blendy” trademark exclusive RGB-based blend positioning. Blendy Dome VJ reads any Syphon Server playing domemaster medias and also allows you to preview content on a virtual 3D dome. Learn more about the project on the official website.

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