Creating a New Live Planetarium Show on Polar Science – Video Seminar

"Creating a New Live Planetarium Show on Polar Science" is a Pacific Planetarium Seminar, featuring Dave Cuomo, Science Interpretation Program Supervisor at the Willard Smith Planetarium, Pacific Science Center.

Dave Cuomo talks about an NSF grant project working with eight polar researchers who will each create their own ten-minute add-on in a live 30-minute show about polar science.

In a science communication fellowship PhD students, or new post-docs, learn how to communicate their research to the public. In the years past, they had created hands-on activities to do on the floor. This year instead they are working as planetarium staff to create an entire fulldome show as well as their individual add-ons.

The seminar is divided into two videos: the presentation itself and a separate cut with a lively Q&A.

Seminar: Creating a New Live Planetarium Show on Polar Science

Questions & Answers

All the archived Pacific Planetarium Seminar recordings are listed on the Pacific Planetarium Association">Pacific Planetarium Association' Seminar page.

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