3 residency opportunities will be facilitated through this strand to support the research, development and presentation of new immersive productions and live experiences.

The call invites creative practitioners to submit projects that leverage the unique capabilities of CULTVR Lab and its forward facing performance space, which features a 180º immersive dome with a 15.1 surround sound system.

The intensive Immersive Residency Programme will support the awarded creatives for one month with access to CULTVR’s dome venue over a period of 5 to 7 days. Each awarded residency will obtain financial support to utilise in the development of their own projects. Additional support will also be provided through key resources and in-house experience to develop and bring to life each proposal, with the aim to share each production for public presentation.

Applications are welcomed from either individual artists or collaborative teams from various disciplines such as visual arts, interactive design, sound arts, dance, theatre, animation, game design, robotics and artificial intelligence. Proposals with a focus to further develop the way in which immersive arts can enable more accessible ways for storytelling, offering a sense of place and allowing for environmental awareness interactions are especially welcome. 

The residences will be based at CULTVR, Cardiff, Wales and will take place from February to April 2022 with public showcases taking place in March/May 2022. 


Deadline: 24th January 2022 (5pm GMT)



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