December 12, 2013

VIDEO: Hi-Quality 3D model of Zeiss-Jena Universal Projection Planetarium

Youtube user moratakug recently published a great 3D CG model of the oldest planetarium projector still active and operating in Japan: the Zeiss-Jena Universal Projection Planetarium (UPP) Type 23/3, at the Akashi Municipal Planetarium.

Produced by Carl Zeiss, the planetarium was built in 1960 in the city of Akashi, Japan, and is equipped with a 20m dome and 350 seats.

The animation shows many details of this amazing instrument: the Constellation Figure Projector for both hemisphere, the star globe, the Milky Way projector, the planetary projectors, the horizon circle and compass point projector… and how all this is assembled together.

Really neat work!

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