DSA Training 2015@ Macao Science Center

In June 2015, a 4-day DigitalSky Academy (DSA) Training was held in Macao Science Center. Its aim is to “Improving the Profession Under the Dome”. There were around 40 attendees, which is the largest number of attendees, mainly DS2 users from Asia. Here is a video that summarizes the 4-day activity.

We also invited local professional astronomers from 6 education units: Macao University of Science and technology, Macao Astronomy Society, Pooi To Middle School, The Worker’s Children High School, the Keang Peng School and the Portuguese School of Macao, in order to promote the “Macao Astronomy Education Pilot Project”.

Also and from abroad, such as the Katsushika City Museum from Japan, the Gwangjin Youth Center Planetarium from South Korea, the National Space Agency from Malaysia, the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Mind Museum from the Philippines participated to upgrade their knowledge on how to work with DSA’s new software and to organize, in the near future, new and fascinating astronomy education materials with this cutting edge technology.

This training was divided into two parts: sessions handled by our very own planetarium team in March and April to local astronomers and the 4 day training given Martin Ratcliffe, Director of Professional Development at Sky-Skans Inc. and Johan Gijsenbergs from Sales and Production, also at Sky-Skans Inc..

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