Interactive 360° Arch Vis Demo Presented by André Wünscher – 10th Fulldome Festival Diary

As we’ve mentioned many times already, the fulldome format is great for much more than solely astronomy-oriented programs, and though this stereotype is yet to be broken in the minds of some planetarians, 360 degree media have successfully met a new age of interactiveness. André Wünscher who is an old friend of the FullDome Festival, and was working on a Unity 3D application for the environment at the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, further developed this idea on the stage of the Frameless Frenzy Forum. [caption id="attachment_38012" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Fly over Jena Fulldome sightseeing tour around Jena built upon the Unity game engine.[/caption] Throughout previous festival editions André Wünscher demonstrated a variety of applications, from astronomy to real-time visualizations. This year he managed to bring an interactive, 3D-visualization of Jena – with buildings, architecture plans and sites. For a start, André showed to the audience a church based on his photogrammetry project from last year. Then things got even better when he undertook a flight over Jena – the city as we know and love, yet shown from another perspective – both in time and space. By working on 200 GB of data, including 30 GB of photos, André Wünscher created a massive and immaculately beautiful project. Although the output capabilities were reduced to 2K due to hardware limitations, the overall effect was jaw-dropping. [caption id="attachment_38014" align="alignnone" width="960"]Architectural app for the dome André Wünscher guiding us around this fulldome visuals.
Photo credit: FullDome Festival[/caption] All things considered, this architectural application built upon the Unity game engine proves that the dome is a perfect environment to visualize architectural projects even at professional level.

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