Eclipses and Phases of the Moon short term lease options

With the Great American Eclipse fast approaching, we'd like to remind you that Physics Foundry's inaugural show, Eclipses and Phases of the Moon is ready to play a supporting role in your eclipse activities! Lease the show with terms as short as one month or stream the show with daily or monthly pricing on a single-projector system up to 2k resolution. We recently did some visual updates to the show—it's better than ever and available for installation (up to 4k 60fps) and streaming (up to 2k 60 fps in fisheye, truncated fisheye, 16:9 warp. and 4:3 warp). We also made a flat version (1080p 60fps) for non-fulldome theaters. Also: Eclipses and Phases of the Moon keeps working after the big event with a post-eclipse version! We're also hard at work on our upcoming titles, including Light Speed Tour of the Solar System – which provides a fresh approach to understanding the scale of our solar system while visiting the planets and dwarf planets we know and love. Look for Light Speed Tour of the Solar System in early 2018! Visit the official website for more information, including pricing and streaming options.

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