Extended Application Deadline: MORPHOS Digital Dome International Artist-in-Residence

MORPHOS is a one of a kind digital dome artist-in-residence program that provides workshops and individual support for artists who want to take their work to the immersive level. Our goal is to expose and train artists in full immersion production for a growing need of digital dome (fulldome) and VR art. 2018 welcomes our fourth year of hosting this unique experience. Come join us for MORPHOS Dome artist-in-residence for an experience of a lifetime held April 9 - May 15, 2018  in Colorado. We have reopened the applications with a new Deadline: January 31, 2018. Apply now.

Details Below

MORPHOS digital dome artist-in-residence program is for artists interested in experimenting and exploring 360° immersive digital art through the digital dome. Artists will receive hands-on training in techniques for fulldome and Virtual Reality, weekly dome time, individual consultation, production support, group outings, a group closing dinner, and public presentations of their experience at the end of the residency. MORPHOS artists have gone on to present at international dome conferences, festivals, and art shows. Recent advances in technology are rapidly changing the way in which we view digital media. The digital dome offers a unique immersive group experience with it’s half sphere screen, high-resolution digital projections systems, and surround sound. With recent innovations that allow for easy drag and drop playback, live VJing, interactivity, and gaming platforms, the virtually untapped possibilities in the digital dome are endless. Artists will also receive training in Virtual Reality, which is entering the consumer market with high refresh rates that allow for individual full spherical 360° immersive experiences and is a great way to previz dome work.

Artists receive

  • 5 days of 360 Digital Dome and VR Workshops (for full list, see here)
  • 3 hours per week one-on-one consulting with individual dome time to test concepts
  • Local dome artist group meetings and support
  • Group outings
  • Use of rendering machine and spherical live action capture equipment
  • Two public presentations – Fort Collins’ Digital Dome and Denver’s Gates Planetarium
  • Online recognition and social media exposure
  • End of residency dinner celebration
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Chance for your work to be part of the MORPHOS Best of Reel
  • Alumni benefits
    • Eligible to apply to the Society of Art and Technology Dome Artist in residence
    • Highlighted on the DATA website
    • Return following years for support trade dome hours
Dates: April 9 - May 15, 2018 Location: Fort Collins, CO Don’t have time to be an artist-in-residence, but still want the training? You can participate in the NEW MORPHOS Workshop. See here.


Fort Collins, where local artists meet bi-weekly to learn dome production techniques. Fort Collins holds a quarterly Dome Club public art event which highlights international dome work to a growing local audience.  Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is just North of Denver and will serve as our major sponsors and host for the training and one public event. Fort Collins is an active college town with plenty of brewpubs, access to nature, an old town district, botanic gardens, and shopping. The Forts Collins Digital Dome is are leaders in fostering dome art production and events. Fort Collins hosts an incredible array of activities with thriving arts and music culture and outdoor activities. Artists will enjoy the Fort Collins region during the time of their residency.


Artists’ work will be created using the latest technology in immersive design. Artists will use the latest in dome server technology with an easy to use high-resolution art server which allows for interactive design (VJing, sensor input, gaming display, etc). Each artist will bring their own workstation (laptop is fine) and have their own software and equipment for creating their work. Some live action spherical video equipment will be available. Artists will be creating 4k image files and rendering computer will be available for use for certain applications. Each Artist will need the minimum requirements: *for those applying for the scholarship, just let us know if you need a loaner laptop for the duration of the residence.


Ethan Bach, Producer & Immersive Designer Ben Gondrez, Assistant Producer & 360 Specialist Eric Davis, Audio Specialist Zac Layman, Motion Designer & VJ Paul Elsberg, Creative Developer more TBA


Artist: $2,000 (includes housing) without housing: $1,500

What Past Artists Had to Say

The residency is certainly unique, incredibly important and super pro active – there’s no sitting around being left to flounder – definitely felt like I was living and not just existing!!!" – Dan Arnold (Whales), Denver  2015 My experience as a 2014 artist-in-residence was transformational towards my practice. I was able to look at my work in a way that I have never thought possible. – Torie Zalben (Los Angeles/NYC), MORPHOS artist-in-residence Los Angeles 2014 [The FCMoD Otterbox Digital Dome is] “a beautiful and inspiring space to work in while having the ability to have a live performance.” – Sam Stevens (Colorado), Denver 2016 You guys are great I had an amazing time and will never forget all the things I have learnt, people I have met, relationships built and all the good times. Thank you so much for taking me on that journey! – Liam Somerville (Austrailia), Denver 2016

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