Free Exhibit & Immersive Workshop Videos by Bowen Technovation

Jeff Bowen, President & Creative Director at Bowen Technovation, organized a variety exhibit and immersive theater design workshops following up the 2018 IMERSA Summit at COSI, Columbus, Ohio.

We all had a great time learning and networking. I am told several people found new careers at this event. That's cool. The presenters were some of the most notable in our profession.

The videos have no password. The recorded audio is not very good because there was a problem but it was crystal clear in the room. It helps to listen in headphones.

Workshop 1: "New LED and Flat Panel Video Wall Displays"

Panelists: Steve Manalatos (Panasonic), Tim Michaels (Panasonic), Tom Wilmers (Digital Projection)

LED video walls are the hot item in 2018. Do you need 4K? What size display? LED? LCD? OLED? What new products are around the corner? Sit in on this workshop to find out. New technology LED video walls will be used in this session.

Workshop 2: "Design...Great Exhibit Idea!...Now What?"

Panelists: Jeff Bowen, Penny Sander (Cambridge 7 Associates, Boston)

Everyone has great ideas for exhibits. The challenge is in translating great ideas into great exhibits. Creative and organized are fully compatible ideas. This session explores how exciting and engaging exhibits are created using an organized methodology including: Planning, Budgeting, Design, Evaluation, Fabrication and Installation. Case studies include Knock, Knock Children's Museum (Baton Rouge).

Workshop 3: "Digital Video and Audio Ideas for Exhibits"

Panelists: Mark Trotter (Bowen), Shaun Burnette (Atlona), Cy Furst (Visitec)

What is "true" networked video and audio over real IP? When do you use it?? How is it more flexible and how does it save $$ over other methods. What is Dante digital audio? Various types of equipment and installation methods are discussed. Case studies include the Northwest Mutual Identity Center and various planetarium projects.

Workshop 4: "RIP Lamps…New Projector Technologies"

Panelists: Mark Trotter (Bowen), Brian Norris (Bowen), Tom Wilmers (Digital Projection)

The projection industry has revolutionized in the past few months. Top engineers in this industry will discuss how to select projectors as well as discussing new lamp-free long-life LED and laser light projectors. Case studies include the new Perlan Nature Museum (Iceland)and several immersive theater installations by Bowen staff.

Workshop 5: "Interactives… New Visitor Input Methods…Real Time? Really?"

Panelists: Brien Barr (Bowen), Steve Manolatos (Panasonic), Dave Durlach (TechnoFrolics), Neil Silber (Planar)

Buttons, motion sensors, touchscreen exhibits, touch video walls, touch tables, multitouch, outdoor...How to decide which method to use with? How do you know how to select one over the other? Case study includes video of Orangutans using touchscreens at the International Orangutan Center and visitor interactives at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum.

Workshop 6: "How to Design a Modern Immersive Theater or Immersive Exhibit"

Panelists: Mark Trotter (Bowen), Phil Groce (HPS,Helping Planetariums Succeed), Josh Vacca (Smith Group Architects), Diane Schildnecht (Irwin Seatin)

So, you are thinking of adding a planetarium/immersive theater to your place. This workshop details the start-to-finish process of designing, bidding, installing and staffing a domed or curved screen immersive theater with applications for immersive experiences in astronomy, earth sciences, local history, art history archaeology, mythology and storytelling. Case studies include the new University of Michigan Museum of Natural History and Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University Planetariums.

Workshop 7: "Can You Repeat the Question"

Panelist: Kasey Kaumens (Listen Technologies)

During tours and other live presentations (such as in domes) it is often difficult for audience members AND panelists to hear audience questions without shouting above acoustics or general visitor noise. We will demonstrate new reusable systems that solve this problem with minimal fuss and cost. This features a new product just now hitting the street!

Workshop 8: "Master Control Systems for Multiple Exhibits"

Panelists: Brien Barr (Bowen), Eric Cantrell (Medialon)

All exhibit systems need to be controlled, even it is just to start playing a video when turned on. Very simple locally-based interactive and automated control of exhibit audio-video lighting is explored using very simple methods and well as global museum-wide master control systems with docent overrides and automated daily startup/shutdown.

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