Fulldome Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack

The Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack is a collection of custom Adobe Photoshop actions - written by Andrew Hazelden - designed to speed up the fulldome content creation workflow.

The actions provide tools for converting images from several common panoramic formats such as angular fisheye, equirectangular, and cube map panoramas, and general utilities for fulldome production.

The Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack is compatible with Photoshop CS3 to CS6 on both Mac and Windows.

Action List

Fulldome Domemaster Photoshop Actions PackTransforms:

  • 1:1 to 2:1 Aspect Ratio Expand
  • 2:1 to 1:1 Aspect Ratio Reduce
  • 50% Scale
  • 200% Scale
  • Rotate 90 Degrees
  • Rotate 180 Degrees
  • Rotate 270 Degrees
  • Flip Vertical
  • Flop Horizontal
  • Horizontal Offset 1024 pixels
  • Vertical Offset 1024 pixels
  • Horizontal and Vertical Offset 1024 pixels


  • Inverse Angular Fisheye
  • Angular Fisheye to Equirectangular
  • Equirectangular to Angular Fisheye
  • 3x2 to Cube Map
  • Vertical Cross to Cube Map
  • Horizontal Cross to Cube Map
  • Vertical Tee to Cube Map
  • Horizontal Tee to Cube Map
  • Vertical Strip to Cube Map
  • Horizontal Strip to Cube Map
  • Cube Map to 3x2 Cube Map
  • Cube Map to Vertical Cross
  • Cube Map to Horizontal Cross
  • Cube Map to Vertical Tee
  • Cube Map to Horizontal Tee
  • Cube Map to Vertical Strip
  • Cube Map to Horizontal Strip
  • Cube Map to New Cube Map
  • Cube Map Rotate X:+90 Degrees
  • Cube Map Rotate Y:+90 Degrees
  • Cube Map Rotate Z:+90 Degrees

Masking and Selection:

  • Crop to Selection
  • Select All
  • Save Selection
  • Load Selection
  • Color Range Selection
  • Inside Circular 50% Mask
  • Outside Circular 50% Mask
  • Fisheye Alpha Channel
  • Fisheye Layer Mask
  • Layer Mask from Selection
  • Layer Mask from Inverse Selection
  • Enable Layer Mask
  • Disable Layer Mask
  • Delete Layer Mask

General Utilities:

  • 1x6 Guide Grid
  • 2x2 Guide Grid
  • 3x2 Guide Grid
  • 3x4 Guide Grid
  • 4x3 Guide Grid
  • 4x4 Guide Grid
  • 6x1 Guide Grid
  • Clear Guides
  • Invert Colors
  • Background to Layer
  • Merge Visible
  • Flatten Image

At this point in time the Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack doesn't support spherical mirror image conversions. That type of conversion would require a Photoshop plugin to perform the warping and isn't something that could be implemented as a pure .atn action file.

Learn more about this actions pack at Andrew's blog.

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