Czech Republic
June 5, 2017

Fulldome Film Festival Brno 2017 Begins

More than 120 Fulldome Festival Brno 2017 participants from twenty different countries all over the world are going to see around forty fulldome shows. These numbers make it the biggest festival of shows for digital planetariums in Europe.

  • 41 shows screened
  • 13 hours and 56 minutes of total projection time
  • 108 specialist from all over the world
  • The farthest away participants from Argentina and Japan
  • The members of the expert jury from the Czech Republic, France and the United States
  • The total of the distances all the planetarians have travelled to the festival is half the distance between Earth and the Moon
  • The festival shows take up 8.3 Terabyte of disk space
There will be a lot of premieres at our festival. We are going to present the world premiere of an English version of Sky on Fire, a show about the past and present of the most spectacular light phenomena. The confidence the biggest world producers have in us is shown by the premiere of Faster than Light! the Dream of Interstellar Flight, a co-production of Spitz Creative Media, Mirage3D and Thomas Lucas Production. And you in Brno will be the first in the world to see it.”
Jiří Dušek
Director of Brno Observatory and Planetarium

The competition shows will be screened between June 7 and June 9. The seats of the digital planetarium will by occupied by fulldome specialists, mostly directors, producers and operators of world-famous planetariums from countries like Argentina, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, the Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Japan, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

On the last day of the festival we are going to award three prizes. The winner of the first prize will be chosen by Jiří Dušek, Director of Brno Observatory and Planetarium. The second prize will be awarded by the viewers and the last one by the international jury composed of Petr Horálek, ESO Photo Ambassador, Marc Moutin from the biggest French science centre Cite de La Space in Toulouse and Ryan Wyatt, Director of Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco.

Our Fulldome Festival Brno has only one aim. It is to connect the producers of amazing shows for digital planetariums with the operators of such planetariums. We do not have to organize any lectures or workshops and we do not need to move the limits of this technology further on. The others at the other events and festivals do it better than us. And we would like to thank them for that. Here, at the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, we just love the audiovisual technology of digital planetariums. The festival is a sort of a harvest feast with the last year’s crop. It is the celebration of all skilful creators and all planetarium operators, who, not always working in easy conditions, support people’s interest in stars... and actually in the whole universe.”

And what will this year be like? We will see in a while!

The Fulldome Festival Brno 2017 is supported by the International Planetarium Society. It is a part of the firework festival STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS. The festival is organized under the patronage of Petr Vokřál, Mayor of Statutory City of Brno; its general partner is a Ukrainian company Front Pictures Inc.; the main partners of the festival are GOTO Inc.,, Nowatron Elektronik, Sky-Skan Inc., RSA Cosmos and Softmachine; and the partners of the festival are the California Academy of Sciences, Konica Minolta, Evans & Sutherland and Spitz Inc. The festival was financially supported by the statutory city of Brno.

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