October 21, 2015
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Happy 92th Birthday, Zeiss-Planetarium Jena!

Today the Zeiss-Planetarium celebrates it's 92th birthday!

In August 1923, a 16 meter dome was set up on the roof of the factory in Jena, and the first Model I projector was installed. The “Wonder of Jena” had its first unofficial showings there.

In October 1923, the instrument was moved to the Deutsches Museum in Munich and mounted temporarily in a 9.8 m dome. On October 21 1923, Prof. Bauersfeld demonstrated the projector to a congress at the museum, the first official public showing.

After this debut, the instrument was again returned to Jena for finishing touches, finally being permanently installed in Munich in May 1925.

Zeiss Planetarium Model I Star Projector

Zeiss-Planetarium Postcard from my collection

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