Hello World: Announcing the New Fulldome Database

We are proud to release the new version of FDDB today, along with a brand new motto: Find, be Found and have Fun in Fulldome!

The first version of FDDB was born in 2011, and here we are now with 5.000+ subscribers and over 17.000 views per month!

When we started working on this new version, we decided to think out of the box and re-image FDDB from bottom up. Today we are introducing the result of such engaging, inspiring and challanging process: not just a plain listing anymore, but a completely re-newed, community-driven, social network for fulldomers!

The Fulldome Database is now a user-populated information-rich interactive social network built for you to find shows, feature shows, link with planetariums, connect to projects, build your skills and engage with the fulldome community.

Enjoy a quick glimpse of what's new:

  • brand new design & layout;
  • customizable user profiles with integrated social media features and tagging abilities;
  • users can upload news, announcements, content and more (linking profiles to shows and projects);
  • a more robust Fulldome Content section;
  • brand new Planetarium and Digital Domes section;
  • a new Organizations section;
  • ... and much more!

I have never, ever enjoyed anything the way I enjoy running the Fulldome Database.
It's a joy to discover amazing professional and creative subjects in fulldome that we get to share with people who find it as mind blowing I do.

Thank-you and Cheers to Fulldome!

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