History and future of ZEISS Planetariums

Martin Kraus, Head of the ZEISS Planetariums, and Dr. Christian Dick, Head of Development for Software and Information Technology at ZEISS Planetariums, have been invited to speak at the online ZEISS Colloquium Innovation Talks taking place on 21 November 2023.

Their talk is entitled, “The stars were just the beginning – from the first star projector to the interactive visualization of large volumes of data”. The presentation will be held in German. Those who are interested in the topic can attend the MS Teams live event and use the live translated captions, if needed.

The International Planetarium Society (IPS) and the Society of German-speaking Planetariums e. V. (GDP) are holding this event to celebrate the planetarium centennial along with planetariums from around the world between 21 October 2023 and 7 May 2025. The first public demonstration of the world’s first star projector from ZEISS on 21 October 1923 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich is considered to be the birth of the modern planetarium. The ZEISS name and planetariums worldwide have been closely linked ever since.

This ZEISS event is also open to the public. The online talk will be held at 4 pm on 21 November 2023 in German language. The ZEISS Colloquium is free of charge. The link for the presentation is here.

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