How to Convert Your Domemaster to HTML

Figment Effects Shop was founded in 2013 as Full Dome Stock Footage. Our company goal is to make available our easy to use software integration technologies that enable maximum workflow efficiency for fulldome content creators.

We have released a new After Effects Script and tutorial on how to export your domemaster from After Effects to a web page with a built-in player.


This conversion allows the domemaster to be shared with your production teams and/or clients for approvals and/or changes over the Internet or local network.

This tutorial will help the fulldome content creators convert their existing domemaster in a matter of minutes so you can speed up the approval process while in production.

Your clients can go fullscreen and choose any of these modes as the domemaster streams directly into their dome or planetarium theatre, securely over the Internet. Best of all, no server configuration is required. Just drag and drop the files onto your network drive or Internet server. Anyone on your team may access the domemaster from any browser or any mobile device.


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