Fulldome UK 2016 - Snatch Your Ticket to the Festival!

For its fifth year as the UK’s leading immersive festival, Fulldome UK returns to the National Space Centre for inspirational screenings and events for everyone to enjoy. Two years in the making, this edition of the festival will have a jam-packed programme of immersive films, VR, live VJ performances, radical debates and forward thinking visions in immersive sound and image. Want to know what's coming? Get a sneaky peak at what's instore at FDUK 2016 by watching this new video now! If you decide to attend the festival, you shouldn't miss the screenings that have made it to the official selection:
  • _Void by L.E.G, Bertie Sampson, UK
  • 1 by Manuel Palenque, Argentina
  • AFTER CHERENKOV by Masashige Iida, Masashige Iida, Japan
  • Apeiron by RCA Fulldome Research Group, Kelly Spanou, UK
  • Art Universe by David Booth Gardner (Likuid Art), George Aistov (360ART) David Booth Gardner & Chris Saunders, USA/Thailand
  • Aurelio by Hochschule Darmstadt, Johannes Ott, Germany
  • Blaue Lagune by HfG Offenbach, Marco Russo, Germany
  • CERNUNNOS by SAT, Sean Caruso, Canada
  • Clockwork Ocean by Ralph Heinsohn Artworks, Ralph Heinsohn, Germany
  • Das Ende eines langen Tages by HfG Offenbach, Christian Öhl, Germany
  • Doom Loop by Robert Becker, Germany
  • FEBRUAR by Valk Productions, Maarten Isaäk de Heer, NL/DE
  • Fecund by Ringling College of Art and Design, Irene Garibay Sánchez, USA
  • FLOWER UNIVERSE by NHK Enterprises / P.I.C.S, Isao Nishigori, Japan
  • GWxAS Meatwad Fulldome Experience 2016 by Goldenwolf, UK
  • H OM E OMOR PH ISM by Ouchhh Studio, Ferdi Alici, United States
  • Incoming! by California Academy of Sciences, Ryan Wyatt, United States
  • Intensional Particle by S20, Hiroaki Umeda, Japan
  • It’s You by HfG Offenbach, Katrin Dittmayer, Germany
  • JULES VERNE VOYAGES – Three Journeys Through The Impossible by Ralph Heinsohn, Rocco Helmchen, Tobias Wiethoff, Germany
  • Krazy Dan Deco by Ringling College of Art and Design, Samesha Singletary, USA
  • Lucent Matter by Sylvana Lautier, Rose Leahy, Kim Yip Tong, United Kingdom
  • Our Fuel Story by Immersive, UK
  • Protokoll_001 by HfG Offenbach, Sriram Srivigneswaramoorthy, Germany
  • Samskara (2.0) by George Aistov, Viktor Aistov Tanya Yasko, Thailand
  • Scalarat by HfG Offenbach, Nicolas Gebbe, Germany
  • Secret World of Moths by Nordic Fulldome Production, Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen, Finland
  • Shadertoy by Stefan Berke, Germany
  • Singularity by Optikal ink lab, OPTIKA, Colombia
  • The colors of the Swing by Natalia Oliwiak, Poland
  • The Kaleidoscope of Toruń by Natalia Oliwiak, Poland
  • The Light of Home by RCA Fulldome Research Group, Michaela French, United Kingdom
  • The Secrets Of Gravity – in the footsteps of Albert Einstein by Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH, Peter Popp, Germany
  • Virtual Heuristics by Luniere, Kaleidoscope, Aaron Bradbury, UK
  • Venezia by Dario Tiveron, Italy
  • Visions Of Paradise by Alice Kilkenny, UK
  • We Are Stars by NSC Creative, Max Crow, UK
For more information on the festival programme check out the official website. Fulldome UK 2016 is happening, 4-5 November at the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK. Go snag your ticket now before they are all gone!

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