Inside Dome – New piece of software for TouchDesigner

Dome projection is a wild ride, and one of the many challenges artists face is how to place their art on the dome – live, without pre-rendering their content specifically for each projection environment. Proper software is key and, among other options, TouchDesigner is one of the most common software used in the field.

TouchDesigner is a visual development platform that equips artists with necessary tools to create stunning real-time projects and rich user experiences. Whether you’re making interactive media systems, live music visuals or simply rapid-prototyping some creative impulse, this powerful piece of software lets you take any concept or dataset and transform it into a visual canvas that can tell a story, express an emotion, or convey a message.

The interface of Inside Dome for TouchDesigner

The interface of Inside Dome for TouchDesigner
Photo credit: Fred Trétout

If you’ve mastered this high-performance video application, you’ll be able to discover all the pros of INSIDE DOME – an app where you сan choose your dome aperture (0° to 360°) and create an azimuthal equidistant projection map. Designed by Fred Trétout, this appplication is usefull for fulldome theaters, planetariums and any other immersive dome-based video projection environment.

All you need is to launch TouchDesigner, enter your dome aperture, select a picture/video/image-sequence-folder and enjoy your immersive experience. Inside Dome is absolutely free to use and share. Download it from the Derivative forum or GitHub website. Let your audience deepen their understanding and engagement through direct interaction with their experience!

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